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Fall has arriced!

Now that the summer is gradually fading from our collective memories, it is time to start thinking about reversing some of the effects of ultraviolet light that we inflicted on our skin. Here is a recent video showing the damage that many of us (especially we who are celts) have done to our skin over a lifetime.

Wonder what your skin would look like under an Ultraviolet Light?

How can I reverse Sun Damage?

The sun causes 90% of pigmentation, wrinkles and laxity in our skin. Knowing this is one thing; what to do about it is another. With the combination of:

TiZo Suncreens1. Appropriate Sunscreens:
We can minimize further damage. Even at this time of year, it is still important that sun protection be observed. Remember the amount of UVA light which is more penetrating than the sunburn rays, is present at the same amount all year round and at any time of day. View TiZo Product Details

Serums2: Appropriate "Serums":
Serums such as Vivierskin Seequin 4%, CE Peptides and ProDerm Serum C 10% should become a part of your normal skin regime. See Debbie or Patsy to further your understanding of what these products can do. View Product Details

3. Intense Pulse Light/Lasers:
These address some of the pigmentation and broken blood vessels you already have as well as the other signs of aging.
Erbium Laser Treatment Video

Facial Blood Vessel Removal by Laser - Rachel Ray Show
Clear skin for all:

Clarisonic ProAccording to the Canadian Dermatology Association, acne affects nearly 20% of Canadians. From adolescents to adults, acne is responsible for increased social withdrawal and decreased self-esteem and confidence. For those that want a simplified approach for mild acne problems we carry the Skin Tx therapeutic line. For more details, talk to Patsy or Debbie. View Product Details
Clarisonic Pro
(only sold in Physician Offices)

Clarisonic ProDeveloped by the engineers of Sonic-care toothbrush, Clarisonic introduces sonic skin cleansing. Clinically proven to cleanse 6x more effectively and to reduce oil 2-3x more effectively than manual cleansing, Clarisonic also improves the epidermal absorption of L-ascorbic acid (Vitamin C serum) by 61%. Skin is instantly softened as the unique oscillating technology that gently yet deeply removes impurities and stimulates the skin. Recommended for all skin types including sensitive skin and those prone to rosacea (special adapters are included). Also has adapters for the body such that the back can be reached.

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