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Summer Newsletter 2013
Yes, we are finally moving July 1st!!!

After a year of extensive renovations, we are pleased to announce that as of July 1st, we will have moved from the Quinpool office to 6088 Coburg Rd. This will significantly simplify my life as I will now be able to have both my medical and cosmetic offices in one building. We are excited about the new move as we have spent considerable time and effort to make it as seamless and as efficient as possible. There should be ample parking behind the office (10 spaces total). Our phone numbers will remain the same. View map

Renovation - 6088 Coburg Rd


Radiesse is a temporary tissue filler that typically lasts from 6-12 months. Unlike Restylane and Juvederm which contain Hyaluronic acid, Radiesse contains calcium hydroxylapatite which occurs naturally in the body. It is particularly useful as a tissue filler for the hands but is also very practical in the jawline area and jowls where the facial tissue needs some scaffolding to keep it supported.

One other very popular area to use Radiesse is in the rejuvenation of the hands. Below is a photo to show pictures following the injection of the right hand only (7 days after injection). Typically there is some mild swelling which is temporary in nature and only lasts a few days. Pain is minimal (1/10) as the preparation contains some mild freezing anesthetic. Cost is $1,200. The results should last 9-12 months. Learn more about Radiesse

Sun Protection Advice

Tilley Sun HatsThe summer is now upon us and we need to be extremely prudent with respect to the sun and our exposure to it. Remember that even on a cloudy or foggy day, one can develop a sunburn so there is only mild protection offered by cloud cover. Also it is important to realize that water and wet sand reflect approximately 10% of the ultraviolet rays and that dry sand can reflect as much as 15%.

Sunscreens are the most effective anti-aging ingredient on the market today. Sun protection can be achieved by wearing appropriate clothing and in particular a good broad brimmed hat such as a Tilley (which offer an SPF of 50) and the use of sunblocks and sunscreens. Recently we have begun to carry an excellent line of sunblock preparations that block out both UVA and UVB.

Tizo   Tizo   Tizo   Tizo

Tizo 40 is a facial broad spectrum and water resistant tinted sunblock that doesn't sting the eyes and which is not greasy.
(Price: $44)
Tizo 35
is a lotion for those with ultrasensitive skin and is water resistant
(Price: $46)
Tizo SPF 58
is extremely water resistant and offers full spectrum sun protection.
(Price: $44)
Liptect balm SPF 45

for ultra high sun protection.
(Price: $12)


New Product now available in Canada for
Lip Enhancement:

Volbella is a new product in the Juvederm family designed solely for use in the lips. It is extremely smooth to the touch and long lasting in nature. Many of the previous lip preparations used for injection have had a tendency to be lumpy and somewhat hard but this new addition to the Juvederm family is perfect for achieving a smooth uniformly consistent appearance and feel to the lips.


You asked, we answered:
"What is the treatment for stretch marks?"

Unfortunately the ultimate treatment for stretch marks has still not been found. Topical preparations such as vitamin E and bio-oil have been used but their success if minimal if any to say the least. Topical vitamin A preparations (retin A) can be used but may cause irritation and results will be very slow to be seen. Lasers have been used some with success but frequently requiring multiple treatments before appreciable improvement can be seen. If the stretch marks are red, then the use of a vascular laser can be beneficial. For most however, the stretch marks represent stretched and broken elastic fibers which give a creepiness to the skin and therefore not easily remediable even with the use of fractionated or high intensity lasers which are designed to rebuild collagen and elastic tissue. Therefore until we have a reliable means of adequately treating stretch marks without significant cost to the patient, I offer no treatment in this regard at this moment.

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