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Winter Newsletter 2012
Update on Coburg Building Rejuvenation

The renovation of our future office building is well underway with the exterior almost complete and much of the demolition on the inside of the building already well underway. We should hopefully we ready to move to our new location sometime in the early spring. The new office will allow me to continue to do my medical as well as cosmetic practices in the same location without duplication of services and afford us much more room and treatment capabilities. It will also give us greater access to be able to do more minor surgical procedures in the new setting. You will be pleased to know we will have 10 parking spaces in behind.

Renovation - 1608 Coburg Rd

Erbium Laser Resurfacing of the Mouth Region for
Elimination and Smoothing of the Fine Lip Lines

Erbium Laser Resurfacing of the Mouth Region  for Elimination of Wrinkles

Sciton Erbium Laser Treatment
Click here to learn more about Erbium Laser Treatments.

Excessive Underarm Sweating

I am sure many of you are aware of the use of Botox for the treatment of excessive sweating. Recently Botox also received approval for the treatment of irritable bladder and so the use of this amazing molecule has continued to grow in its popularity as well as its use. Many patients however still come into my office unaware that Botox has been used for the treatment of excessive sweating and increased underarm odor for many years with exceptional success. Effectiveness of Botox in the underarm area usually is in the range of 95-100% and most patients on average get at least 6-7 months of sweat free remission. The vast majority of drug plans cover the cost of the Botox and we charge a facility fee of $250 (underarms) and $350 (facial sweating) for doing the therapy. Learn More

Treatment of Facial Hyperpigmentation

One of the most difficult challenges we face as dermatologists is the treatment of Hyperpigmentation (Melasma) of the face (particularly that caused by hormones and sun). Most important in its management is the protection of the face from further damage from ultraviolet light with the use of sun-protective clothing and sun blocking agents.

With respect to removing the pigment we use topical lightening agents (such as Lumixyl. This relatively new product contains a decapeptide which has been shown to be more effective than other products for treatment of this condition which recent studies suggest is more effective than hydroquinone products).

At the present time the best laser to remove the pigmentation is the Pro-fractional Erbium Laser which makes microscopic holes in the skin in order to break up the pigment. This requires a series of treatments as each treatment covers approximately 22% of the skin surface area affected with melasma.

Cost varies depending upon the area to be treated but typically ranges around $500-$1500 per treatment and requires a series of 3-4 treatments.

Revaleskin is Back for the Redness of Rosacea

One of our most successful topical agents for Rosacea has been Revaleskin a topical preparation containing coffeeberry extract which is a potent antioxidant. Although it will not reverse the broken blood vessels it does help to tone down the redness associated with Rosacea. This combined with Laser to eliminate the blood vessels works very well to keep Rosacea under good control in the majority of clients. View Product Information.


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