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Summer Newsletter 2013

Dr. Miller will be away from October 14th returning November 1st. If you require being seen before those dates please call Patsy or Debbie at 425-2956 and we will book your appointment in order to accommodate you. Our new office address is 6088 Coburg Road in case you haven’t been here in the last few months.

Renovation - 6088 Coburg RdIt has certainly been a busy few months at the Dermatology Rejuvenation Centre and Dermatology Associates. We have now officially moved in as of July 1st and now I have both my medical and cosmetic practices together which certainly simplifies everyone’s life. The renovations went smoothly and have been a tremendous project. The building itself dates back to 1897 (calendar was found in the wall) and was in need of a number of restoration changes. They are now finally completed and with all new windows and shingles we are happily operating from our final place of residence. See our new photo gallery here.

The staff has stayed the same but one new face you may not recognize is Wendy who has been my medical secretary for over 25 years.

Now that the heat of the summer is behind us for the most part, it is time to consider photorejuvenation to brighten up your skin and remove some of the brown pigment and broken blood vessels that have remained. Frequently in our treatment regime, we do both Intense Pulse Light (IPL) as well as Vascular Laser at the same time. This allows us to both direct our treatment at eradicating the pigment as well as localizing the broken blood vessels more specifically with a laser.

New Leg Vein Laser
Renovation - 6088 Coburg Rd
With the opening of the new office we have purchased a new laser which will enable us to start treating leg veins as well as facial veins. This is designed for both the bluish reticular veins and the smaller veins where sclerotherapy may not have been possible due to the small size of the veins. Thus far we are seeing excellent results in the majority of patients with 60-70% improvement after 3 treatments.

Treatments are done every 6 weeks on average. It is not designed for varicose veins which need to be treated by a vascular surgeon either with stripping, more potent sclerotherapy than what we do or Endovenous Laser therapy.

New Products

We now have a few products for hyperpigmentation problems (Lumixyl, Proderm Ultra -C BW and Sesquin 4 IDS) as quite frequently one preparation will not work as well as another nor does everyone’s skin tolerate one product as well as another. It is important to realize that pigmentation problems are difficult to manage and that preparations must be used for at least 6 months to a year before trying something else. Sun protection is an absolute must as well.
Renovation - 6088 Coburg Rd
Sesquin 4 IDS:
This Vivierskin product is formulated with pharmaceutical grade Vitamin C and 4% Hydroquinone. It is a powerful anti-aging and skin brightening treatment that helps lighten hyperpigmentation of the skin as a result of sun exposure, pregnancy or the use of oral contraceptives. It is oil-free, alcohol-free (therefore less irritating) and hypo-allergenic.

Proderm Ultra-C Bw:
For maximum performance alternate Proderm Ultra-C Bw cream every 2nd night with a Proderm exfoliant and apply the serum C 10% every morning before the sunscreen.

Renovation - 6088 Coburg RdC E Peptides:
The other Vivierskin anti-aging product we are introducing is their C E peptide serum. This contains both Vitamin C and Vitamin E and is useful in the repair and protection of the skin. This targeted treatment helps reduce the signs of environmental and sun damage, smooth skin texture and tone and helps promote healing and regeneration.



Please Note: Dr, Miller will be away for a few weeks in October so please book any of your future appointments for tissue fillers, laser etc. before he leaves on October 9th.

Parking: Don’t forget there is usually lots of parking in behind the office where we have 10 spaces.

Appointments: Due to the amalgamation of our cosmetic and medical offices into one facility, we are now capable of accommodating most treatment appointments.


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