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Fall Newsletter 2011
Painless Tissue Filler Injections with no pain and no bruising:

One of the most common complaints with respect to the use of tissue fillers (Restylane, Juvederm, and Voluma), is the risk of bruising which is a nuisance to say the least.

With a new technique recently learned at a national meeting, the risk of bruising is virtually negligible and the discomfort from tissue fillers is practically non-existent. I have used this procedure now for the last 2 months and all patients are thrilled to have something done which does not involve discomfort or bruising. With the addition of local anesthetic to all of our tissue fillers there is now only a sense of pressure when the tissue fillers are injected.

To learn more about this new technique phone Debbie at 425-2956.

Rosacea & Revaleskin:

RevaleskinOne of the most frequent skin complaints that I see as a dermatologist is Rosacea and the redness associated with this condition. Intense pulse light therapy is the gold standard at this time to decrease the redness but many ask if there is any topical preparations that can also help. Here is a testimonial from one of our patients who has found the Revaleskin preparation of significant help.

"I am a 64 year old female legal professional who has been battling Rosacea for more than a decade. I have received numerous lazier treatments over the years including most recently IPL. The treatments have achieved some success however the Rosacea did not totally subside.

I was introduced to Revaleskin, as a trial, after my IPL treatment in April 2011. I was determined not to have IPL again until I had given the Revaleskin regime a fair chance to work. Within a month I noticed an improvement; with the redness of Rosacea decreasing. By November when I had my first IPL since April the reduction of redness was quite dramatic.

I use the Revaleskin regime twice a day and feel more confident about the even tone of my skin. I will continue IPL treatments but I can now consider the possibility of erasing the brown pigment which is visible since the redness has calmed.

I can't say this will work for you but it has performed wonders for the way I look and feel about my skin."

The Revaleskin system is an age-defying skin care line that reduces the appearance of skin aging. It is a unique formulation with CoffeeBerry that contains a broad spectrum of antioxidants such as chlorogenic acid, ferulic acid, quinic acid, caffeic acid acid and proanthocyanidins. All protect the skin against abuse from the elements.

Special Offer!

Tote BagFor patients to be introduced to revaleskin, we have a promotion that if you buy the intense recovery ($149), then you receive the night cream free. If you purchase all 5 of the revaleskin products ($429) which include the cleanser, day cream 15 SPF, the night cream, the intense recovery, and the eye replenishing eye therapy then you receive a deluxe spa kit which includes:

• Tote bag with canvas trim
• Pumice stone
• Mesh sponge
• Wood massager
• Wood nail brush
• Wood hair brush
• Small round facial loofah
• Body loofah
• Massage strap
• Wood file for smoothing rough skin
• And your name goes into a draw for a Plush White Bath Robe

(Please note: offer available while quantities last)

Importance of Adequate Sun Protection with Tilley Sun Hats:

Tilley Sun HatNo matter the time of year, sun protection is extremely important. Even though a baseball cap offers some protection it does little to protect the sides of the face or the neck region. That is the most important aspect of why we promote the use of a sun hat. As many of you head south this winter consider the Tilley hat as your staple for sun protection.

Get your tilley hat today!

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