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Laser Update
Spring Is In The Air

Here at the Dermatology Rejuvenation Centre we have news of our newest laser, a new Botox formulation to be on the market in the near future for cosmetic use and YouTube videos with Dr. Miller in which he discusses Botox for frown lines, Intense Pulse light for Photoaging and Rosacea, Botox for underarm sweating and Tissue fillers such as Juvederm and Restylane for correcting the problems with deflation of the skin.

These videos were recently done as many wished for more "online" information about these common procedures. Click here to access the YouTube video of interest to you. Dr. Miller has intentions to do other videos concerning common dermatologic cosmetic concerns and skin problems. If you have suggestions on what you would like to hear please email Debbie or Patsy at:

VideoVideo Video



New Gemini Laser Has Arrived!

Our latest laser which just arrived is a vascular (blood vessel) laser which doesn't bruise and which can be used for the treatment of those persistent nasal veins, venous lakes on the lips, and cherry angiomas on the trunk and face as shown in the photos.

Gemini Laser
Gemini Laser Gemini Laser

Gemini Laser

Gemini Laser

The costs of having this laser vary from $350-$1200 depending upon the area and the extent of the condition being treated. 2-3 treatments may be needed for optimal clearance - Subsequent treatments are at ½ price and should be done 6-8 weeks post treatment.

Coming Soon!

Soon to be released here in Canada will be the use of another Botulinum product for the same cosmetic indications as Botox. It will be called Xeomin. We have had the opportunity to use it already and the results and action seem to be very similar to the current Botox preparation. More on this in future newsletters.
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