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Fall Newsletter 2011
Hope you are all ready for the long winter. Fortunately we do get Indian summer before the onset of the colder weather and the arrival of that white stuff which we have affectionately called snow for lack of a better word.

As I indicated I will be away for much of October having a unique opportunity to visit Tibet and Bhutan and so if you need any work done before I go call Patsy or Debbie and they will book you in. I have also scheduled a few Saturdays to do work as well so if that works into your schedule better, let us know. The office will be open during my absence and so any products you need will be available.

Erbium Laser Update:
The new Erbium laser is performing remarkably well and thus far I am quite delighted with the results we are seeing. It is always difficult in assessing new technologies as to what machine will give the results we want. Although no technology is perfect certainly some of the results are dramatic as shown by this recent patient of mine who received a total of 8 Erbium laser treatments for a facial scar. She has kindly consented to allow me to show you her photos. We are using the Erbium laser more and more for Acne scarring as well as for helping to improve tone and texture and smooth out some of the lines and wrinkles around the mouth.
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Fall Newsletter 2011

I think almost everyone that has started Latisse over the last 6 months have all seen dramatic improvement in the length, thickness, and darkness of their eyelashes. It is somewhat amazing how a medication for the treatment of glaucoma could have increased eyelash growth as a totally unexpected side effect.
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Fall Newsletter 2011Holiday Gift Bags are Back!
You will also be interested to know that the Holiday gift bags have been prepared in advance for those wanting to shop early. Debbie has prepared our usual holiday gift bagswhich represent exceptional value for our clientele. It contains the following items:

• 1 Proderm Day Cream with SPF 20
• 1 Proderm Cleanser
• $50 gift certificate towards any treatment offered in the clinic
• 25% off Proderm coupon which allows you to purchase any 2 proderm products of your choice at 25% off

Total Cost of gift bag: Cost $99.00 + Tax

When I return I have our national cosmetic aesthetic laser meeting in Toronto (Canadian Laser Aesthetic Surgical Society), of which I am the incoming President. I look forward to reporting on the recent technologies and advances from that meeting in our next newsletter.

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