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Spring Newsletter 2011
What a delight to see the lengthening of the days and more sun and warmth. With the advent of spring, it is time to bring you up to date on some of our new services and product lines.

Latisse Update
Those of you who have started the Latisse for your eyelashes have no doubt started to notice an increase in the length, thickness and darkness of your eyelashes. This usually starts by about 2 months and in almost all cases is well established after 3 months of use. Some may require slightly longer to see the results but the vast majority have good eyelash regrowth by that time such that they can decrease the frequency of applications to twice weekly to maintain growth. It is no wonder that Latisse has become such a popular product across North America. Learn more about Latisse

NEW Products!
We have also decided to bring into our office a few other products to address some of the skin issues of our patients which are not currently being met. For people with normal skin features, Proderm is still our primary skin care product but for those with Rosacea and significant redness of the face we have introduced the full line of Revaléskin products. These contain Coffee berry extract which is a powerful antioxidant and is felt to offer significant advantages for those with very sensitive skin characterized by prominent flushing and blotchiness.

In addition after much study, we have introduced the SwissTEC line of products for those with Oily to acne prone complexions and those with hyperpigmentation disorders. These are certainly frustrating problems to treat with most topical preparations but we have already seen success in some of our patients who have started to use these products for the above conditions. Unfortunately Laser treatments although beneficial for some pigmentation disorders may not work as well for others.

The New Laser Has Arrived

Erbium LaserAs you may have noticed from our last newsletter, we have introduced a new laser into our facility to more "permanently" treat the age related changes of wrinkling particularly in the areas around the mouth. The newest laser is an Erbium resurfacing laser which is unique in its ability to effectively remove pre-programmed depths of skin tissue in order to get to the base of the wrinkle and then allow the skin to heal in a much smoother manner. Dr. Miller will be spending time with Dr. Pozner in Florida at the end of this month. Dr. Pozner is a world expert in this type of resurfacing laser and we anticipate treating our first patients in early May. Stay tuned for an update on this technology in our next newsletter. Learn More About the Erbium Laser

Allure - Best of Beauty WinnerAllure Magazine's "Best of Beauty" Awards Goes to Revaléskin®

It's official. REVALÉSKIN® Intense Recovery Treatment and REVALÉSKIN® Night Cream hold the distinction of being Allure Magazine's winners of the 2010 "Best of Beauty Award" in the Best Skin/Sensitive Skin category. The products were featured prominently in Allure's Best of Beauty October 2010 issue as well as on the magazine's Best of Beauty iPhone app. Learn more about Revaléskin

Special Announcement

Please note that our website, is to be totally "rejuvenated" this Summer!

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