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Well the days are getting shorter and although the fine weather of this summer is still persisting we all know what awaits us over the next few months.

Latisse Update

Latisse We have just received the first pre-market sample of Latisse which Debbie is going to test. This product is applied at nighttime (1 drop to each upper eyelash with an applicator). By week 8 most see results with the full effect seen by week 16. Eyelashes are 25% longer, 106% fuller and 18% darker in clinical trials assessing its effectiveness.

When this product becomes available we will notify you as well as the cost. Initially it is applied once nightly for 3 months and then twice weekly as maintenance.

Facial Skin Tightening

Thermage: I am frequently asked about Thermage and wanted to give you my perspective on this technological advance. As many of you know I donít routinely do thermage although I have had a Thermage machine for the last 5 years. Certainly a number of my patients have seen good results but the results are very variable, not predictable and I have had patients who have seen minimal to no results. Because of the unpredictability of the clinical results as well as the significant cost of having it done (particularly with respect to the disposables that we have to use), I have mostly dissuaded individuals from having the treatment until we know that the results are going to be much more noticeable. At present a surgical face or neck lift is the best procedure to address this aspect. Thermage is designed to give tissue tightening and does nothing to replace facial volume which is lacking in most of us as we age. Tissue fillers such as Restylane or Juvederm will address the volume aspect of facial rejuvenation.

Fat Removal: What is the Best Technology?

Most of us have areas of fat that we want removed and which will not disappear with any form of dieting. These fat collections may be on the neck, the arms, the thighs or the abdomen. Although I am not involved in fat reduction, I frequently attend meetings where the latest technologies are being introduced and promoted. These technologies include mesotherapy (injection of fat dissolving chemicals), HIFU (High intensity Focused ultrasound), Laserliposuction, AWT (acoustic wave therapy), Radiofrequency fat removal, and Coldlipolysis (freezing of fatty tissue with subsequent absorption). Despite these exciting advancements, all of the above treatment options deliver minimal results in most patients. They all have an excellent safety profile (with the exception of mesotherapy) but the results have been disappointing. Their major advantage is the minimal downtime involved but this does not necessarily justify their cost. Liposuction is still the most consistent treatment which offers the best results.

Importance of Adequate Sun Protection:

Tilley Hats No matter the time of year, sun protection is extremely important. Even though a baseball cap offers some protection it does little to protect the sides of the face or the neck region. That is the most important aspect of why we promote the use of a sun hat. As many of you head south this winter consider the Tilley hat as your staple for sun protection. Get your tilley hat today!

Holiday Gift Bags - only $99 + HST

Gift Bags
Once again we have our holiday gift bag specials. We have started early in their preparation as they are always so much in demand. This is our chance to give back to our clientele and represent excellent value.

The holiday gift bag contains the following:
• Pro-Derm Skin Cleanser
• Pro-Derm Day Cream 20 SPF
• $50 Gift Certificate Towards any Treatment
• 25% off any Two Pro-Derm Products

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