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With the hope of an early spring arrival, it has prompted us to get our spring newsletter out earlier than normal. Hopefully the fine weather will stay, so we can truly appreciate an early spring.

One of the commonest conditions we treat in the office is the flushing and blushing associated with Rosacea. Most of us have Celtic backgrounds and because of our genetic and hereditary background are all prone to this. In addition because of our fair skin and the accumulation of lots of sunshine over our lives (remember 80% of our sun exposure comes before the age of 20), we become speckled with brown pigment spots which we medically refer to as lentigos.

Without doubt IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) has revolutionized the treatment of these conditions and although not perfect has become the gold standard for managing these problems. A recent article published in the British Journal of Dermatology finds that about 50% improvement occurs in the redness in 75% of patients over a series of 4 treatments. Certainly our experience has in general been the same. Although one never eliminates the flushing and blushing associated with Rosacea, IPL treatments will certainly tone it down.

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UVA PhotoSimilarly with respect to the age spots as shown in this Ultraviolet light picture, we find that generally 2-3 treatments will make an enormous difference in eradicating a number of these brown spots. Although the face is the most common area treated, there are many patients who now want the treatment on their necks, chest, and arms. Virtually any area can be treated and in many cases there is significant improvement even after 1 treatment with improvement noted in the tone and texture of the skin as well. This photo shows the effects of 2-3 IPL treatments on the hands and wrists compared to the forearms. Once these brown spots are eliminated it is important to always keep them protected from the sun with clothing and/or sunscreens.

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NEW! Revaleskin Intense recovery treatment

Revaleskin Intense recovery treatmentOne of the most pressing problems in the management of flushing and blushing and skin care in general is finding a product that will help to minimize the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, redness and skin pigmentation. Certainly there is no magic cream out there that will accomplish this. We are however introducing into our clinic a new cream (Revaleskin Intense recovery treatment) which is designed to help stimulate collagen formation and increase skin vitality and youthfulness. This product contains a high concentration of Coffeeberry extract which is a naturally potent super-antioxidant. We are recommending this product to those patients who are flushers and blushers and who want a product that may be of some additional help and value in maintaining and stabilizing their skin tone and texture. We all realize the hype that occurs with all cosmetic products. Certainly the vast majority of our clients love the Proderm line, and this new product is designed to address a niche that we feel is lacking. Hopefully the results will testify to its effectiveness.

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Latisse Update on Latisse

There is still no news on a release date for Latisse. Before a medication can be approved for use in Canada it must be approved by HPB (Heath and Protection Branch). Allergan - the makers of Botox and Latisse - have informed me that it is still in process. As soon as it is approved and we have it we will notify everyone who is interested.

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